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RE: Bot's mind

by eavinash1983 posted Mar 3, 0:49

Thanks for the quick reply.

By default I see that my bot is using Language state 'Answering'. Is it correct or I am doing something wrong ?

Secondly here is the samle json taken from Not sure if it's correct.

[{type : "contact", name : "Jon Dow", phone : 1234567890},
{type : "contact", name : "Jane Smith", phone : 1112223333},
{type : "contact", name : "George Jones the 3rd", phone : 1114448888}

How would it create vertex and relationship from the json? What is the API to use to import it.

Note:- I have local deployment of Botlibre AI engine not using botlibre platform.

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Posted: Mar 3, 0:49
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I'm sure