Please some hints on Bot persistence and Bot.createInstanceFromPool method!

by marco.zoncu posted May 12 2017, 9:18


I'm trying to integrate BotLibre in my project: I've been able to successfully create bots and provide them with a consistent knowledge base, but still I'm not able to make them persistent on the DB, for a pending dialog to be resumed at a later time.

I suppose my entry point is Bot.createInstanceFromPool with isSchema="true" (correct?), but it always fails with the following message:

relation "vertex" does not exist

If I enclose the instance creation within a DatabaseMemory.RECREATE_DATABASE = true/false pair, what I get is:

relation "property" does not exist

Sorry if I'm posing a basic question, but this great library is actually poorly documented.

Thank you very much for your advice









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Posted: May 12 2017, 9:18
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